We live in a world where the currency is measured in clicks, follows, likes and comments. It's by these metrics of engagement that success is determined. 

Health Bloggers Talent aims to personally manage quality talent, those who are among the top social creators in the world; dedicated and passionate individuals who are determined to be professional and accountable while being creative, vibrant and overall unforgettable human beings.

Social Talent and Influencers Reinvented

Health Bloggers Talent harnesses the power of unique influencer marketing opportunities available through social media platforms.

People around the world turn to social media to discover the latest trends, products and ideas, so bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers play a huge part in promoting brand awareness across the globe.

Brands and marketers are increasingly turning to social media to reach thousands of consumers from all over the world with anything from a single post on Instagram to media campaigns on YouTube. That's where we come in.


Health Bloggers Talent connects these creative influencers with the brands using years of marketing experience to get your brand seen by millions of consumers. 

Not only do we work with over one hundred carefully-picked micro-influencers, but we also support huge influencer talent in the health, wellness and fitness industry, who offer expert management, content creation and web design services.


If you're a blogger or influencer looking to harness your power, this programme is for you. We aim to promote truly organic campaigns that appeal to your fan base. 

We are connected with fantastic brands across a range of industries who need social talent with a strong online presence to spread awareness and promote them globally.

You already work hard to create engaging social content and build your following, and now it's got even easier. 



Apply to become one of the HBC influencers by simply answering a fuss-free questionnaire.

Depending on your level of reach, you'll be assigned a specific tier. Once your application is successful, you will be able to access the influencer dashboard on the HBC website.

As you advance through the tier levels, you will be able to make more money. You will also get access to even more learning materials. Our courses and bonuses will help you grow, monetise and manage your blog.



The HBC Influencer programme can help you grow your social media presence and monetise your blog by connecting you with fellow influencers. It also gives you exclusive opportunities to work with your favourite brands.

We'll select the best campaigns that allow you to have fun creating amazing content so you can start making money from your blog and social platforms. Plus, because we love to spoil you, you'll get access to our collection of blogging courses, resources and tools as well.




Hedvika P. @hedihearts

Beth H. @beth_heddle

"I had so much fun completing the challenge for charity, a few hilarious attempts were made - not all were very successful! The Upbeat campaign raising awareness for Muscle Dystrophy and all 657 muscles in the body was such a good cause"

"Thanks so much for including me in this campaign. I genuinely enjoyed the juices, so it was a big pleasure to share the love"

Join 100+ active influencers


...and many more

Ashleigh P. @balancednotclean

"It was lovely working with a brand that clearly has a passion for bringing a quality product to the market. I was so impressed with how quickly the juice was delivered, how well it was packaged up and the social sharing and interaction was also very much appreciated."

"The campaign process has been very smooth, and flexible as well. I've enjoyed taking part - I'm definitely happy to help out again."

Services include: Website Design, Digital Support and Brand Management

Optimise your platforms and create a strong social strategy. If you are looking to strengthen your online voice, we are here to support you. From setting up your analytics to building a mailing list by converting readers into loyal advocates. It's time to take an analytical approach to marketing and prove to potential partners and collaborators that you can engage with a wide audience.

Your Website

We cherry-pick quality talent - content creators and influencers with engaged social audiences - and match their skills to your unique needs. We focus on growth and strategy, as well as management, content creation and design.

Your Marketing

Whether you’re starting your blog from scratch or looking to take your design to the next level, we value the importance of having a sparkling online home. We know that successful brands are built on a compelling story with great design. We want your blog to be the best it can be: safe, user-friendly, responsive, accessible, and seamlessly available on all devices. 


Harness the strength of influence in today’s consumer led world with our social-driven campaigns.

Influencers are consumers with an audience that trusts what they have to say. They are the new powerful voices that drive purchase decisions. Are you ready to work with these influencers to create meaningful content and marketing campaigns? 

Working with the HBC makes the process simple, efficient and profitable for you.

Together we determine your brand’s goals and objectives and match them to the right digital influencers. We come up with creative campaigns and empower influencers to share your brand’s message effectively. Through digital marketing we aim to reach and engage millions of people worldwide.

Social media to amplify your campaign

Amplify your reach on social media channels by tapping into our managed network of influencers.

Each influencer is hand-picked for you

We select the right influencers for you, matching requirements such as country of influence, audience and social reach.

Drive results with word of mouth marketing

Promote brand messaging, a product launch, or come to us with a fully built campaign and we'll help you maximise its potential.

The campaigns we build are bespoke to our clients' needs. We tailor all aspects to suit marketing goals, budgets and demands. Our goal is to bring awareness to your brand, and with our thoroughly selected talents, create the desire for your stellar product.


Ethan Salathiel, Founder at WheyAhead

"Working with HBC has been awesome. They have been professional yet very friendly from the start. It is reassuring to have their wealth of experience and skills on hand to guide us.

They provide a personal touch which is very much appreciated in business. I cannot thank them enough for all their encouragement and support. HBC rocks and I highly recommend getting involved with them!"